Total Life Solutions is a recovery support and lifestyle service committed to improving the quality of you or your loved one’s life and to maximize the ability to flourish. We create individualized solutions based on our in-depth experience and your specific needs that are straightforward and provide the right path forward to getting the best results possible. Once we step into action and create your specific plan, you or your loved one will have a meaningful roadmap forward to recovery, sustained health and success. Our master Coaches and Companions use expert techniques honed through many years of hands-on experience to create the potential for powerful breakthroughs.

We recognize that each person’s struggle is unique and intimately painful. We therefore do not employ a single “Recovery Formula” but instead embrace a personalized one-on-one approach tailored to the individual’s specific needs, starting with carefully matching the right coach/companion to best meet our clients’ needs and goals.

We set out to not only fill the gaps in the recovery model system but to create a new model allowing clients to experience recovery in a more sustaining and effective way. We know that in order to keep clients from returning to old habits we must help them create new and better lifestyles and skills. We accordingly match clients with coaches who have the right skill sets for teaching these new tools and skills that can profoundly change the course of our clients’ lives for the better.


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