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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Sobriety Coach

Overcoming addiction is difficult. The battle does not stop after you leave drug rehab. That is why many people hire a sobriety coach also known as a sober companion. A sobriety coach is a professional who will help you stay on track while on the process of addiction recovery.

What is a Sobriety Coach?

A sober coach provides personalized care guided by sober-living principles within a mentoring relationship. Sobriety coaching is seen as a helpful tool and harm reduction protocol. A coach helps people who are in the early stages of their recovery to feel supported, they receive guidance from someone who knows their challenges.

The main objective of sober coaching is to prevent a relapse. A sobriety coach can escort you to and from places to guarantee that you stay on track during the early stages of recovery. They can also move in your home and supervise you.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Sobriety Coach

Get your life back

You can be in control of your life again with sobriety coaching support you’ll learn new strength and confidence. You can also benefit from hiring a sobriety coach by the following:

Improve your health naturally

Sober coaches encourage you to achieve sobriety naturally. Exercise, enjoy a healthy diet, get plenty of healthful sleep, don’t drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs, maintain a healthy weight, and maintain a positive attitude.

Create a healthy lifestyle

Sober Coaches help you take the necessary steps that will make today better than yesterday and cover the way for healthy living tomorrow. Healthy living is a long-term commitment and requires hard work and dedication.

Eat healthy natural foods

Sober Coaches suggest small diet changes to help you reach your goals based on your lifestyle and food preferences. When you get back to eating natural foods, you will start to look and feel great about yourself.

Have a Sober Companion

A sobriety coach assists you to accept the reasons for your addiction and then moves you forward. You might even need time to forgive yourself for feeling weak. Addictions can happen to anyone. Your sobriety coach is not there to judge you but to guide you towards recovery.

Why Do I Need A Sober Coach?

People need a sober coach because they are not able to achieve the results they desire on their own. This is not a sign of weakness, but rather a strength in character of someone who understands that they want something more or better than they have now. Sobriety Coaches provide objectivity and clarity to help you through the best possible addiction and mental health treatment options for your specific situation. They customize a plan of action that will hold you responsible and ensure your recovery results are effective and enduring.

Long-term Sobriety

Sober coaching supports long-term sobriety by providing customized tools for sober living. Conflict management practices using real-life scenarios, building confidence and self-esteem over time, a spectrum of healthy coping and self-care strategies, and empowering clients to find the value and motivation to live the life they seek, are all goals of the Sobriety coach.

Is a Sobriety Coach Right for Me?

The answer may vary on your current condition if you’re in early recovery and you feel like you could use some extra help and support. A Sobriety coach helps determine what happens after treatment. Some sobriety coaches even live with their clients for a while and essentially become sober companions to facilitate recovery.

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When it comes time to seek addiction treatment, it is important to have the support of others. There are many services available to help you find a sober companion to have some good times with. Contact us today and we’d be happy to answer all your questions and inquiries. Our sobriety coaches are here to assist you through the process of getting and staying sober.


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